Full Ao Dai Shot


Full Ao Dai Shot

I took over four hundred photos for the carnival, plus some videos, but right now I don’t feel comfortable posting a bunch of photos of other people on the unforgiving internet. This is a photo taken with one of many other ladies wearing ao dais that day who wanted a picture. There was a really strong Vietnamese presence at the carnival and because clothes displayed nationality so visibly, strangers were bonding, smiling, eating, bringing their kids along– it was a pretty nice day. Kind of makes you want to forget about dealing with all the problems for a moment.

I think the estimated attendance for the event was over a thousand people. It was held right by a lake and as we were leaving, there was a nice orange glow dancing over and above the water. I really wanted to get on one of the boats and enjoy the scenery but I also really wanted to get out of my shoes (I had to wear wedges because the ao dai was so long).

p.s. My friend asked for food adventure posts. I didn’t bring a camera so I haven’t been taking photos of what I’ve been eating. I’ll get around to it though since folks are so interested in food.