In my carry-on, I kept items in my small suitcase that would tide me over in case my checked-in baggage got lost or stolen (travel-sized personal hygiene products, a few outfits and a towel, some US cash). I had my contact’s number and address on hand even though I wouldn’t have a phone to .

Clothes and shoes: 

I chose clothes that would be versatile, diverse, and could be layered for warmth. I packed based on the average temperatures (monthly) for Taiwan which should be temperate, humid, and rainy in the upcoming months. Because I am two months late from my scheduled departure date, I have missed their typhoons. I am coping well with this loss.

-one cardigan, my Hendrix hoodie, one blazer, two wool sweaters (one black, one white), one knit sweater, one turtleneck, one light jacket.

-five blouses in solids and prints, three undershirts/tanktops, one exercise top. All handwashable and quick-to-dry (Taiwan is humid and housing options tend to have washers and clotheslines instead of washers and dryers).

-five dresses, casual to evening to business professional, three tights (one gray, two black)

-four pairs of jeans (one light pink, one green, two navy), one pair of khaki shorts.

-three pants for sleeping (one gray sweatpants, one thin pajama pants, one in between), two t-shirts to sleep in, one thermal

– one pair each of red boots, sandals, tennis shoes, and work wedges.

– underwear for two weeks

For personal hygiene products, I packed them in travel and regular sizes.

Personal Hygiene: 

-one small towel for washing, one small towel for my face

-Shampoo and conditioner (Loreal EverStrong and EverPure sulfate-free) in travel size and regular use. This brand isn’t very sudsy, condensed, and minimizes water consumption.

-face wash, face cream, lotion, sunblock

-a pack of pads and panti-liners

– a toothbrush, two sticks of toothpaste, a comb

– Travel sized items: one ziplock bag’s worth of travel-sized face wash, sunblock, shampoo and conditioner, bar soap

– one make-up bag including nail clippers, files, and tweezers, and extra hairbands

Other equipment and supplies: 

-my personal computer and charger

– a book (“The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer” by Siddhartha Mukherjee)

– my LEAP bag (for everyday use), reusable grocery bag, an empty duffle bag for weekend trips, a nicer (compact/foldable) purple bag for meetings with government officials.

– two folders to keep important documents, receipts, etc.

– a small first aid kit

– a change purse and a wallet with my credit cards, ID and passport

– BPSOS’s work laptop, charger, carrying case, mouse, etc.

I fit everything in one carry-one (4 kg), my LEAP bag (3 kg), and one checked luggage (22 kg) with room to spare.


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