First impressions

It’s 6:44 on a Sunday night and I haven’t showered or done most of the things on my to-do list. I don’t think I should be blogging but I’m afraid my memory will fail me if I leave this task for later. I will do this in short bits, non-edited, uncaring.
Mosquitos really love my face

Last night I forgot to shut the window screen and was gifted with love bites all over my body. It’s like I got a drunk, loving vampire sucking my blood. I imagine it saying, “Woops, missed. Got your chin, sorry.”

High Speed Rail

High speed rail only works if you don’t get lost and go in the opposite direction. I even took a photo in front of the wrong train.


GMScholar, y’all. Stay proud. 

Housing fiasco

Ideally, the thought of travel should inspire great forethought. Enough so that you have a hostel booked, or opened up a serious line of communication with a landlord.

Taiwan doesn’t allow you to rent an apartment without a Taiwanese ID. They usually require one year leases with two months deposit and don’t let you cook. Hostels were heavily booked by the time I got around to caring. I looked at some apartments, but there was no confirmation.

I could freak out. OR I could wing it…


Luckily, in the brief communications I had with my supervisor, she helped me contact folks and– when I raised concerns about maintaining my vegan diet– find a place that would let me use the kitchen* and knocked the price down 500 TWD (16.67 USD) to 4000 TWD (133.33 USD) because internet wasn’t included. Water, electricity and gas was. Sweet.

It’s UPSTAIRS from my workplace. There’s an open air market in the morning out back! Night markets outside with a vegan option, and a ten pm curfew. Ok… that last part is weird, but I can afford Mandarin colleges at a university with this modified budget (originally budgeted 6500 for housing and 1000 transportation costs to commute into work).
*the landlady wound up not letting me use the kitchen except for boiling ramen and steaming veggies. However, my supervisor is letting me use the kitchen at work, which is just downstairs. :__)

It’s 7:12 pm in Taiwan (4:12 am in LA). Going to bed. First day of work tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “First impressions

  1. Wow that sounds so great! Except for the mosquitos. But they’re never great (except for their part in the food chain), so no surprise there 😀

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